Corner pins installing plan

If you see this, maybe you want to drill your Pelicase 1535 Air and screw the Mule Corner pins to it. Am I right?
Sorry, we have no visual part right now. But's let's try without it.
Ok, let's start!
- You have Pelicase 1535 Air and need to drill 16 holes for the pins in it.
- Take printed sheet with text «front», and position it to recess on the front side of the case (side with locks). Position it to the top of the recess.
- Mark the hole places with any sharp object throw the drilling plan. Make little holes in it. You have a markings of two holes there.
- Do the same job on another recess. Super! You marked the front side.
- Go to the back side of the case.
- Use the printed plan with text «back». Position it to the top left side of recess on the back. Make little holes in it. You have a markings of two holes there.
- Go to the right side with the plan. Make the same work on the right. Your are done with the markings, let’s go to drilling.
- Firstly use the smaller drill size (3 or 4 mm). Put the case in Chicago position (on the back side).
- Drill the holes on the marked places on the front side. Drill perpendicular to the case!
- Take another drill 8 mm and make that drilled holes bigger. Drill perpendicular to the case!
- Turn the case to the back side. Make the smaller holes and then bigger on the back. Now you have all holes for screwing the corner pins.
- Screw all Corner pins in any order. They are all the same.
- Put the Laptop Plate on the Corner pins. It may work well.
- If you need to move any pin you can make the holes little bit bigger. Then move the pin where you need and screw it tightly.
Now you have Pelicase with Corner pins for Laptop Plate! Use it nicely!